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Ok so I will have some time when I finish ,school this year. But newer hurts to start...

The Tutorial for 3D Max Modeling...(then as I learn about animation and all other things, Rendering,Lightning, Matterials

How to Begine using 3D Max whit no knowledge at all..

So here you go:
1) first off finish the 3D max tutorials , try to understand how to work whit User Interface, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT
2)so you know few things about the Interface , so you are ready to make a next stepLearning about polys , and Editable-Poly
First tut I did was Modeling a carton pig,
Pig Tutorial

After I finished that well I had basic knowlage of 3D Max modeling i jumped right to...
Modeling my First car

I can tell you it took me some time... so i lost intrest in that car..
but i continued modeling some simple stuff like my TV, my phone,..and so on and on
just modeling stuff that was  surrounding me...

soon i was , well i can say good modeler .. I could make anything i want ...
but I still didn't had any idea how to make good polyflow ,how to make some renders...
so just googleing 3d max tutorials ... brngs to you like 100 websites full of tutorials about the program we want to learn

If you are slow ... try doing stuff that really motivates you .. but on the end creating that awesome looking renders is what keeps us going
so don't mind that it takes you a lot of time to model  something... when you finish it , you will be happy
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